Loud, stoned, drunk guy on train: Dude, I to­tal­ly saw Melis­sa pee stand­ing up be­fore.
Loud, stoned, drunk girl: That is im­pos­si­ble! Se­ri­ous­ly, that does­n’t even make any sense! You’d get piss all over your leg!
Loud, stoned, drunk guy: No way, I saw her just take one leg out of her pants and prop it up against a tree, and it just shot down! She did­n’t get any any­where!
Loud, stoned, drunk girl: Do you even un­der­stand fe­male anato­my?! It does­n’t work the same way as you! We can’t do that! Melis­sa did­n’t do that!
Loud, stoned, drunk guy: Dude, if you can’t pee stand­ing up, then you’ve just got a bendy vag.

Chica­go, Illi­nois

Over­heard by: Wiz­zb­iff