Gym rat #1: Maybe I can just get a pock­et pussy. I think they’re ex­pen­sive, though. Un­less I can find a used one on­line.
Gym rat #2: Awww, dude! Who the fuck would sell one of those used?! And why would you buy it?!
Gym rat #1: Why not?
Gym rat #2: Why would you buy some­thing that some oth­er dude came in?!
Gym rat #1: You fuck girls that oth­er guys have cum in be­fore, haven’t you? At least a pock­et pussy can be put in the dish­wash­er. Sure beats some chick re­fus­ing to show­er!

Plan­et Fit­ness
Dorch­ester, Mass­a­chu­setts