Lib­er­al #1: Cut off her head!
Lib­er­al #2: No! Then she would­n’t feel any of the pain!
Lib­er­al #1: Yeah, you’re right… I sup­pose you could cut her head off half-way…
Passer­by: Um, I don’t mean to in­ter­rupt, but, um, what are you talk­ing about?
Lib­er­al #1: How to kill Ann Coul­ter.
Lib­er­al #2: Is that bad?
Passer­by: Oh, no, con­tin­ue! By all means, please!

Af­ter con­cert at Hol­ly­wood Bowl
Hol­ly­wood, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Arg­onath