Black girl #1: Okay, I know what I’m get­ting. Do you know what you’re get­ting?
White girl: I’ve nev­er been here be­fore. Let me look for a while. [Paus­es, then yells.] Wait a minute! Popeye’s a sailor; Why does he sell chick­en?
Black girl #2: Oh my god, shut up now or no more vod­ka for you for the rest of the night!
White girl: Okay. [Gig­gles.] I’m sor­ry.
[Black girls start talk­ing to each other.]White girl, yelling: Why are there no white peo­ple in here?!
Black girl #1: Aww fuck, take her out­side to the car. This is her first and last time ever com­ing here!

Tren­ton, New Jer­sey