20-some­thing JAP to nerdy date: I love rush­ing. In my soror­i­ty, like, for every girl who rush­es, the girls, like, have to dis­cuss the girl’s pros and cons, and like, for every con there has to be a pro, so like if you say, like, the girl is a to­tal re­tard, you have to say some­thing pro, like, she has op­pos­able thumbs.
Nerdy date: When I was rush­ing they would give me a hot dog bun, but there was some­thing in it that was not a hot dog.
20-some­thing JAP: Oh that re­minds me, like, I’ll sleep at your house tonight, but like, it’s just gonna be sleep­ing, not like, sex or any­thing, you know, be­cause, like, I have to get to know a per­son a lot bet­ter than I, like, know you be­fore I do some­thing like that.
Nerdy date: Oh ab­solute­ly. I mean, when I men­tioned sleep­ing over be­fore, I just meant, you know, sleep­ing. I did­n’t mean any­thing more than that.

Sarah Sil­ver­man Con­cert
At­lantic City, New Jer­sey