20-year-old fe­male emo: So ba­si­cal­ly, af­ter hours of ar­gu­ing out­side his house, I was so fed up I told him to fuck­ing suck my dick.
30-year-old fe­male friend: Wow, what hap­pened af­ter that?
20-year-old fe­male emo: I left. He was be­ing such a fuck­ing cunt. I want­ed to piss in his mouth. He made me dri­ve home drunk!
30-year-old fe­male friend: He could at least of­fer to like, let you spend the night.
20-year-old fe­male friend: Like, I don’t even know, he’s such a bitch boyfriend. I hon­est­ly hopes he gets the her­pes.
30-year-old fe­male friend: You have such a dirty mouth.
20-year-old fe­male emo: Oh, is my lip­stick smudged or some­thing?

San Fran­cis­co, Cal­i­for­nia