Soror­i­ty girl to an­oth­er, sit­ting in booth: Girl, I was dou­ble-fist­ed all night long last night!
Gay dude #1, quite loud­ly, to gay dude #2: Oh my god! That is so nasty! Who on earth would ever say some­thing like that out in pub­lic! I would­n’t want any­one to know that any­one could do any­thing like that to me, let alone en­joy it! Nasty bitch­es!
Gay dude #2 to gay dude #1, very qui­et­ly: Um, I think she meant she had a drink in both hands, you id­iot.
Gay dude #1: Oh.

Chi­nese Restau­rant
Lex­ing­ton, Ken­tucky

Over­heard by: j‑we