Amer­i­can guy #1: Fuck, here I am, sit­ting on top of some fuck­ing sand­moun­tain in the god­dam desert in Chile, god knows how far away from home, to watch some god­dam sun­set! And I’m not even on my fuck­ing own, or with some hot chick. I’m sit­ting here with sev­e­re­al hun­dred oth­er peo­ple. It’s such a fuck­ing waste. It’s kin­da like sit­ting all alone in the movie the­ater, and then some dick­head comes and sits down next too you.
Amer­i­can guy #2: Yeah, I did that once!
Amer­i­can guy #1: I hate you. (walks away).

San Pe­dro de At­ta­ca­ma

Over­heard by: Hege