Big burly man, earnest­ly: So then he said, “my wife is in la­bor,” but I did­n’t ex­act­ly know what that meant.
Eng­lish man, in dis­be­lief: What? What did you think it meant?
Big burly man: I dun­no… Um, like, just preg­nant?
Eng­lish man: So what did you say?
Big burly man: I just said, “yeah, that sucks for you.“
Eng­lish man: Wow, he must have thought you were a re­al ass­hole.
Big burly man: Ha­ha, yeah. And then she had the ba­by in the apart­ment.
(long pause)
Big burly man: So, any­way, now the build­ing’s hot wa­ter’s not work­ing.


Over­heard by: try­ing not to laugh