Bo­gan guy: Oh, I for­got to get you some­thing for din­ner tonight.
Bo­gan girl: I wish I could walk to the shops. It’s al­right for you, you wan­na walk some­where, you just go.
Bo­gan guy: You can’t go to the shops, it’s not safe.
Bo­gan girl: I re­al­ly like walk­ing. You know, I just go out on my own, and I’m out­side…
Bo­gan guy: But it’s not safe on your own, and it’s so far away.
Bo­gan girl: Yeah, but I re­al­ly like walk­ing, walk­ing is re­al­ly cool. I re­al­ly like it.
Bo­gan girl: So, what, are you gonna have me eat two-minute noo­dles for din­ner?
Bo­gan guy: For fuck­’s sake, I don’t care what you eat! Walk to the fuck­ing shops if you fuck­ing want to! Just stop your fuck­ing whing­ing!