Ob­vi­ous­ly-not-18-year-old girl, hand­ing man mon­ey: Go get me a pack of Camels num­ber nine, please.
20-some­thing man: Are you se­ri­ous? They’re go­ing to think I’m fruity. (walks in­to store, im­me­di­ate­ly walks back out) I can’t buy them. That girl is work­ing.
Ob­vi­ous­ly-not-18-year-old girl: I’m sor­ry, would you like me to buy Marl­boro Reds? That’s a man­li­er cig­a­rette.
20-some­thing man: That’d be great. (goes back in and re­turns with Marl­boro Reds): Sor­ry about that. Uh, if I don’t get my type of cig­a­rettes then I think they’d get sus­pi­cious.
Ob­vi­ous­ly-not-18-year-old girl: You don’t even smoke.

Akron, Ohio