Coked up psy­chopath to group of peo­ple at pub ta­ble: Yeah! I’m the cunt of the group! Mind if I join you?
Guy at ta­ble: Erm…
Coked up psy­chopath, sit­ting down: Are you fuck­ing stu­dents? I fuck­ing hate fuck­ing stu­dents. Are you from the Mid­lands? Are you from K‑town? I just got out of prison. Two years for deal­ing coke. Wan­na buy any coke? I sell to all the guys around here. You know short Irish Pe­te? I did two years in­side with that cunt. (to one of the girls at the ta­ble) You’ve got mas­sive tits. Are those fake eye­lash­es? You’re not a fuck­ing stu­dent, are you?
Guy at ta­ble: Mate… we’re just try­ing have a qui­et drink.
Coked up psy­chopath: You lookin’ for a fuck­ing pag­ga, you cunt? I’ve got a fuck­ing knife. (turns to girl with large breasts) I like your fuck­ing tits.

Leam­ing­ton Spa

Over­heard by: Bleep