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Al­so the Ar­gu­ment Against the Nu­clear Fam­i­ly

Guy: I won­der if any of these bombs are still func­tion­al. That way, we know where to go for sup­plies in the zom­bie apoc­a­lypse.
Girl: What? You id­iot, you don’t use nu­clear pow­er against zom­bies! They’re al­ready dead, so they can’t get can­cer and die! You would just wind up with a bunch of ra­dioac­tive zom­bies!
Guy #2: Yeah, then it’s just like Spi­der­man, but with ra­dioac­tive zom­bies in­stead of To­bey Maguire and spi­ders!

Atom­ic Pow­er Mu­se­um
Al­bu­querque, New Mex­i­co

Over­heard by: Am­red

We Re­spect That You Did­n’t Take the Easy Route with “Robert Downey Jr.”

Girl: “Poke­mon Sta­di­um,” is just stu­pid. If the oth­er Poke­mon does some con­fu­sion at­tack, you just end up slap­ping your­self or some shit. No one gets so con­fused they hurt them­selves!
Boy: Tell that to Dan­ny Bona­duce.

Worces­ter, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: Katie

Your Ed­i­tors Fear This Con­ver­sa­tion May Re­duce Ms. Bil­son to Tears

Col­lege girl #1: So did I tell you I’m go­ing on a celiba­cy kick this se­mes­ter? To cleanse my­self.
Col­lege girl #2: Oh, re­al­ly?
Col­lege girl #1, pick­ing up GQ mag­a­zine with Rachel Bil­son on the cov­er: Ugh, I’ve lost all re­spect for her. She’s such a slut.


Over­heard by: Lind­say