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He’s Talk­ing about Date Rape

Ghet­to girl: Yo, I can’t wait to get back to my dorm and just take a nap.
Ghet­to guy: Heh… Well, you know, just don’t let that nap turn in­to, you know, some sleep… Y’­know what I mean?
Ghet­to girl: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Rut­gers Uni­ver­si­ty
New Brunswick, New Jer­sey

Do You Think I Would Fail His Class?

Asian hip­ster: Peo­ple stare at him, and he re­sents them for star­ing at him. But I’m like, ‘Maybe you should bathe!‘
Jew­ish hip­ster: You should give him an ele­phant tran­quil­iz­er or some­thing.

Over­heard by: Glowien