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Dad’s the Oth­er White Meat.

Girl #1: So my moth­er says our dog is her “lit­tle sausage,” so she’s start­ed call­ing him “pork sword.“
Girl #2, laugh­ing: That’s got to be awk­ward!
Girl #1: Tell me about it! The oth­er day my boyfriend thought she was yelling for my dad.

Cape Town
South Africa

Which Brings Me to To­day’s Lab As­sign­ment

Pro­fes­sor: Sponges can re­gen­er­ate from the bro­ken pieces. If you put a sponge through a minc­ing ma­chine, you just get lots of lit­tle sponges. If you put a cow through, you get mince. If you put a per­son through, you get ar­rest­ed.

Rhodes Uni­ver­si­ty
South Africa

Over­heard by: Amused Zo­ol­o­gy Stu­dent