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Are They Ap­ply­ing Lip Gloss Over There?

20-ish Eu­ro­pean guy: So, do you like An­gela*?
20-ish Asian guy: We’re pret­ty good friends, yeah. But what do you mean ‘like’ her?
20-ish Eu­ro­pean guy: You know — like-like her.
20-ish Asian guy: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! We’re just re­al­ly good friends. I nev­er re­al­ly thought of her that way. Why? Do you like-like her?
20-ish Eu­ro­pean guy: I dun­no. I think I like-like her, but I thought you like-liked her. [They walk away, still talking.]Woman: Is it just me or did those for­eign guys sound like 12-year-old Amer­i­can girls, but, y’­know, with fun­ny ac­cents?

Char­i­ty pan­cake break­fast
Hope, Alas­ka

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