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Best. Peer Ad­vi­sor. Ever.

Cu­ri­ous friend: Does­n’t your mouth get tired?
Small Asian girl: That’s what my hands are for!
Cu­ri­ous friend: Don’t your arms get tired?!
Small Asian girl: That’s what my mouth is for!
Cu­ri­ous friend: What do you do when both get tired?
Small Asian girl: Oh, that’s when he puts it in my butt.

Hobo­ken, New Jer­sey

You Won’t Feel a Thing, I Promise

Long-nosed cute blond girl: So you’re ba­si­cal­ly of­fer­ing to fuck me in the ar­se?
Drunk guy: Not in the ar­se per se, but I can’t guar­an­tee that I won’t get the wrong hole and just go for it.
Long-nosed cute blond girl: You do know we just met five min­utes ago?
Drunk guy: What can I say? I work fast.

Leam­ing­ton Spa

Over­heard by: Bleep