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Then Do Drugs and Cry

Girl #1: … And my boyfriend told me what a bad person I was, and I was like, ‘Don’t say that to me! You’re hurting my feelings!’ Then I did drugs and cried all day.
Girl #2: Wow. Well, we should really study today…
Girl #1: Yeah, let’s stay really late. Like, ’til 10.
Girl #2, totally serious: Yeah… Or we can go to the Biosphere and get burgers…
Girl #1, also serious: Yeah.

Good Point —No Effect on Religious Beliefs

Professor: Now, if we did eliminate illness and achieved immortality there might be serious religious repercussions. Can anyone think of how this might affect religious beliefs?
Bimbette: Well, like, if Hitler were immortal, he would, like, go to jail for, like, a million years and then, like, chill out for eternity, you know?

Eternal Youth and Immortality Seminar
Lafayette College, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: knows that Hitler would still be dead because he SHOT himself