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Turkeys: Damn Right!

Brunette: Hold up — I just want to grab some turkey.
Redhead: Why?
Brunette: … So I can make a turkey sandwich?
Redhead: Yeah, I know, but we have chicken back home.
Brunette: Uh-huhhh — and I want a turkey sandwich.
Redhead: It’s the same thing.
Brunette: No. No, it’s not.
Redhead: Alright, then what’s the difference?
Brunette: … One’s a fucking turkey. Long Island Super Market
Long Island, New York

The Divine Messenger’s Calling from Inside the House!

Girl #1: This package is anonymous… But how did they know I would find it here? And it looks like they printed out my applications for me!
Girl #2: Maybe you have a stalker.
Girl #1: Wouldn’t that be so cool — to have a stalker that never showed his face but always helped you out?
Girl #2: They have those.
Girl #1: They do?
Girl #2: Yeah, they’re called angels.
Girl #2: True. Tech center

We Regret to Inform You That New Jersey Was Founded in 1664, Dear Reader

Bimbo #1, buying coffee: Do you ever, like, look at your change and think, “Wow: $16.64. Something totally happened that year!”
Bimbo #2: Oh yeah, I totally agree. Like, if I bought something for like two dollars with a $20 and my change was $19.78, I like might know someone who was born that year! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Overheard by: BaptistaBarista