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Ex­act­ly Why I Like Be­ing Her Friend

Biotech #1: God, is she be­ing all de­pressed again?
Biotech #2: Yeah, you know how she is. She just needs a guy to pay at­ten­tion to her.
Biotech #1: She just needs to stop be­ing friends with girls who are hot­ter than she is.

Lawrence, Kansas

So It’s No Prob­lem If I Stub Them Out in Your Eyes?

An­gry se­cu­ri­ty guard la­dy: Hey! There’s no smok­ing out here!
Smok­er guy #1, wear­ing dark shades and not sor­ry: Sor­ry, we did­n’t know.
An­gry se­cu­ri­ty guard la­dy: Well, there’s a sign right next to you.
Smok­er guy #2, wear­ing dark shades: We’re blind — that’s why we’re at the Eye Cen­ter.
Se­cu­ri­ty guard la­dy, laugh­ing loud­ly: Ha­ha­ha! Well, okay!

Kel­logg Eye Cen­ter
Ann Ar­bor, Michi­gan

Over­heard by: Ewan Macpher­son