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No! Haven’t You Been Lis­ten­ing?

La­dy 1: So they’re get­ting mar­ried now.
La­dy 2: But I thought she had a ba­by.
La­dy 1: Yes, but it’s his broth­er’s. See, her sis­ter want­ed to be with him so she told him her sis­ter could­n’t have nor­mal chil­dren. It turns out she’s the one who can’t have chil­dren.
La­dy 2: Oh… so they’re get­ting mar­ried?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Over­heard by: Con­fused lis­ten­er

And, More Im­por­tant­ly, What Is Up with the Name “Dallin”?

Dra­ma teacher to stu­dents: Okay, I want you all to close your eyes and imag­ine the most painful thing you can think of. Okay?
(a few mo­ments pass)
Dra­ma teacher: Okay, who wants to share? Dallin, how about you?
Dallin: Umm… Well, I imag­ined giv­ing birth to a cac­tus ba­by.
Girl next to him: What is with you and cac­tus ba­bies?

High School

Over­heard by: Weski­mo