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At Least in My Case

Female law student #1: You don't have to know that. You can just 69 it.
Female law student #2: Wait… What?
Female law student #1: You know, 69 it. Get rid of it.
Female law student #2: No honey, it's “86” it. That thing you said is something dirty.

Mississippi College School of Law

Or Is It “Giving Head”?

Professor: Suppose a woman goes in for a haircut. No, that's not right! What are they called if they're for women? Blow-something. Blowjobs?

Overheard by: econ 208

Smurfette: “I Paid a Lot Of Money to Even-out These Puppies.”

Blonde girl #1: It's like we've tried countless times to get her to stop, and she just calls us “anorexic whores” and tells us she'd rather be “doming up” guys.
Blonde girl #2, laughing: You need a ruin Smurf plan.
Blonde girl #1: But we've tried everything! It's like “get over yourself! You look like a 1980s cartoon character, with uneven boobs and a crazy tan!”