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The Au­to-Abor­tion Func­tion Would Be Op­tion­al

Loud black la­dy in long line: Girl, I know how you feel! Every time I try to buy a preg­nan­cy test, there got­ta be a big or­deal! The line too long, or there some­one you know.
Girl with preg­nan­cy test, em­bar­rassed and chuck­ling: Yeah…
Loud black la­dy: I wish I could just go in my toi­let, then push a but­ton and have my toi­let say, ‘Uh-huh, you preg­nant to­day!’

Van Wert, Ohio

Over­heard by: Woah, that’s not a bad idea…

…When He Learns to Make a De­cent Sand­wich.

Black girl #1: He made me a BLT with av­o­ca­do.
Black girl #2: And then he passed out?
Black girl #1: No. First, I told him to bang me like a screen door in a hur­ri­cane, then he passed out.
Black girl #2: You’re al­ways stress­ing out that skin­ny white boy.
Black girl #1: Ha­ha, yeah. I should mar­ry him.

Bridge­port, Con­necti­cut