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Es­pe­cial­ly If It’s Not the Hair on Your Head

Teenage boy #1: I just get so ner­vous when she touch­es me, man. I think I’m ready to tell her how I feel.
Teenage boy #2: No, no, no, dude! Wait till she plays with your hair. When she plays with your hair, that’s love.

Over­heard by: a sure sign

And He Told Me He Was Sav­ing the Good Roofies for Me

Soros­ti­tute #1: So, he tried walk­ing me back to his frat house and he was hold­ing my hand… I should’ve fucked him, right?
Soros­ti­tute #2: What? You just met him! And he’s hooked up with Pa­tri­cia*. I mean, hel­looo — bad taste.
Soros­ti­tute #1: I to­tal­ly should have. I mean, he was hold­ing my hand, af­ter all.

Duke Uni­ver­si­ty
Durham, North Car­oli­na