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So Any­way, He Killed Him­self to Spite Me

Girl #1: Oh my god, so re­mem­ber how Ben stopped talk­ing to me and I was pissed but now I’m to­tal­ly over it and what­ev­er? Well, it turns out that what I did­n’t know was that his moth­er was dy­ing and he was held up at knife point for like 20 min­utes and was go­ing through post-trau­mat­ic stress… And then I went home for read­ing week and did­n’t call him be­cause I thought he was­n’t talk­ing to me, and that was ap­par­ent­ly, like, the straw that broke the camel’s back — like, he re­al­ly need­ed me and I was­n’t there for him or some­thing.
Girl #2: Wow. It’s like, ‘Thanks for mak­ing me feel like a to­tal bitch.‘
Girl #1: I know!

Why Right Said Fred Could Not Sus­tain Their Pop­u­lar­i­ty

Guy #1: Just ad­mit it, man.
Guy #2: Ad­mit what? That I’m great and won­der­ful and per­fect in every way shape and form? Al­right, I’m great and won­der­ful and per­fect in every way shape and form!
Guy #1: No, ad­mit that you’re cra­zier than me!
Guy #2: Yeah, well…you’re just Mr “Too sexy for my shirt,” and I’m Mr “Too sexy for my life,” but se­ri­ous­ly, I’m so smart and every­one loves me.
Guy #3: You’re just lyin’ to your­self, man.
Guy #2: I’m too sexy for the world! That’s just the way it is. I’m the next Al­bert Ein­stein. Every­one will soon re­al­ize that they love me. You all know that I’m right, so say that I am al­ways right! You’re dumb and I’m smart. Every­one loves me.
Bus dri­ver: Will you guys be qui­et? No one wants to hear this!

Man­hat­tan, New York

Over­heard by: Lu­lu