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When the Veil Lifts, Re­veal­ing the Male Mys­tery

Girl: So, I was here yes­ter­day and there was this, like, gor­geous guy stand­ing in front of me. And then guess what he did? He let one go! Se­ri­ous­ly! It was­n’t qui­et, ei­ther — more like some­one rip­ping car­pet off a floor. I won­dered if he’d messed him­self… Gnarls Barkley again? Don’t they have any oth­er mixed tapes?

But Pitch This to the Amer­i­cans — They’ll Love It!

La­dy on cell: Yes, I need to know what kind of an ex­hi­bi­tion it will be, oth­er­wise I’m not go­ing to run it… Well, I’m not in­ter­est­ed in peo­ple burp­ing on each oth­er or feel­ing each oth­er up — that’s just a lit­tle weird… Well, yes, it makes up a part of my per­son­al­i­ty too, but not a very large or im­por­tant one.

Uni­veristy of Mel­bourne

The Se­cret Is to Keep Mov­ing Fast

Teen girl #1: So what you’re say­ing is, when I fart I’m smelling my own shit-smell?
Teen girl #2: Ex­act­ly. That’s how it works.
Teen girl #1: That’s nasty. I can’t be­lieve peo­ple do that all day!

Toron­to, On­tario

Over­heard by: Sass