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The Secret Is to Keep Moving Fast

Teen girl #1: So what you’re saying is, when I fart I’m smelling my own shit-smell?
Teen girl #2: Exactly. That’s how it works.
Teen girl #1: That’s nasty. I can’t believe people do that all day!

Toronto, Ontario

Overheard by: Sass

But Pitch This to the Americans — They’ll Love It!

Lady on cell: Yes, I need to know what kind of an exhibition it will be, otherwise I’m not going to run it… Well, I’m not interested in people burping on each other or feeling each other up — that’s just a little weird… Well, yes, it makes up a part of my personality too, but not a very large or important one.

Univeristy of Melbourne

When the Veil Lifts, Revealing the Male Mystery

Girl: So, I was here yesterday and there was this, like, gorgeous guy standing in front of me. And then guess what he did? He let one go! Seriously! It wasn’t quiet, either — more like someone ripping carpet off a floor. I wondered if he’d messed himself… Gnarls Barkley again? Don’t they have any other mixed tapes?

Mi Gasa Es Su Gasa

Man #1: Are these seats taken?
Man #2: No, they are not, but I have to warn you — we both had Chinese food for dinner, so we are going to have some major gas in a little bit.
Man #1: That’s fine, we had Thai.
Man #2: Oh, then we’re even. Have a seat.

Consolidated Theaters
Silver Spring, Maryland

Overheard by: feeling a little gassy myself