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If You Fig­ure This One Out, Let Us Know

Tay­al tribesman bus dri­ver: Sir, do you want to get off at this stop?
Old man: Yes, I want off at this stop, I am go­ing to the den­tist’s.
Bus dri­ver: What’s wrong?
Old man: I have to have a tooth pulled. Can you be­lieve that? I’m 82 but I still have to have a tooth pulled.
Bus dri­ver: If you’re go­ing to have one pulled, you may as well have a bunch tak­en out.
Old man: That won’t do, false teeth are ex­pen­sive.
Bus dri­ver: Then have boar tusks put in.
Old man: Boar tusks?
Bus dri­ver (very earnest­ly): Yes, you can have two tusks put in on the low­er jaw, and when they grow, they’ll look great! (us­es his fin­gers to demon­strate how the tusks would look grow­ing out of his mouth)
Old man (laugh­ing): It would take a long time for them to grow.
Bus dri­ver: Not long! You’re an old boar, but I’m just a young boar, so yours would grow much faster than mine!
(old man gets off bus laugh­ing cheer­ful­ly)

Over­heard by: Yu­gan Dali

He Likes to Go to Par­ties and Get Fried

Bus dri­ver: So who else is gonna be there?
Pas­sen­ger: Chick­en boy will be there.
Bus dri­ver: “Chick­en boy”?
Pas­sen­ger: Yeah, you know Dave*. That fool al­ways smells like chick­en! I al­ways thought it was just me but at a par­ty last week Eliz­a­beth* and her friends all called him “chick­en boy” too!

San Fran­cis­co, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Dawn

Or Was That Ni­et­zsche?

Man to an­oth­er, let­ting him board bus first: I al­ways say, ‘Age be­fore beau­ty.‘
Bus dri­ver: I al­ways say, ‘Some­body get on the damn bus.’

Bus, Bel­mont Av­enue
Chica­go, Illi­nois

Over­heard by: Bard­ley