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If You Require Further Explanation, You Definitely Need to Attend.

Hot chick: I’m having a fantasia party; I made it a facebook event: Are you going to come?
Clueless girl: Whats a fantasia party?
Hot chick: Its for like chicks only, you hang out, drink and buy naughty stuff.
Clueless girl: I don’t get it?
Hot chick: What’s there to get? You come to my place, get drunk and buy sexy, naughty things?
Clueless girl: I still don’t get it.
Hot chick: Holy fuck! Its like a Tupperware party -only with dildos!


Overheard by: Make Mine 9 Inches!

He Just Makes Gay Porn

13-year-old blonde: So then he was all “I told you it wasn't mine!”
13-year-old brunette: Ohmigod, how could he do that?
13-year-old blonde: I know! It was, like, “did you or didn't you sleep with him?” He's not even gay!


Overheard by: Laura

Asparagus Pee Is Forbidden by the Geneva Convention

Creepy guy: Hey, Joey*.
Joey: Yeah?
Creepy guy: Have you ever put pee in a Super Soaker before?
Joey: Yeah.
Friend: What?
Girl: Ewww.
Friend: What does it feel like if you’re sprayed?
Creepy guy, shrugs: Kinda tingles.

Geography class, All Saints High School
Whitby, Ontario

Overheard by: freshman whisperer