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It’ll Pop Up Again in the Spring

Guy #1: Are you gonna get test­ed?
Guy #2: I think the Lau­ren thing pret­ty much takes care of it.
Guy #3: You should still get test­ed.
Guy #2: Yeeeah, but I don’t like get­ting blood tak­en from me and I don’t have any like, symp­toms, so…
Guy #3: Well, I haven’t seen your pe­nis.

Si­mon Fras­er Uni­ver­si­ty
British Co­lum­bia

In the Mean­time, Would You Like to Take My Card?

Wild­ly beard­ed hobo rid­ing rusty bi­cy­cle and wear­ing on­ly one shoe and para­chute pants: Why, hel­lo miss. Would you be in­ter­est­ed in en­ter­ing in­to a mu­tu­al­ly ben­e­fi­cial body mas­sage arrange­ment?
Sur­prised, red­head­ed woman: Uh­h­h­hh, not to­day, thank you.
Hobo: I’ll try back lat­er.

Queen West

I Was Like, “Sor­ry, I’m Try­ing to Cut Down”

Skin­ny guy: He’s com­ing to the par­ty tonight? Was­n’t he hit­ting on your girl­friend last time?
Big burly beard­ed guy: No, she texted me last night. She talked to his room­mate: turns out he was­n’t invit­ing her to a three­some ’cause he likes her. He was invit­ing us to a four­some ’cause he likes me.


Why Ball-Gags Ex­ist.

Girl #1: You should get you some.
Girl #2: I don’t think I could han­dle the stu­pid­i­ty. I ru­ined my fan­ta­sy by talk­ing to him.


Over­heard by: al­ways a prob­lem

Just Dip It in the Jar, Dude!

Queer: Would­n’t it be great if penis­es tast­ed like Nutel­la?
Fag hag: Un­for­tu­nate­ly, oral sex does­n’t give you an evo­lu­tion­ary ad­van­tage, so we’ll prob­a­bly nev­er evolve that way.


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