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And You’re Okay with This Apartheid?

Kid: I want Skittles.
Mom: We have M&Ms at home. We don’t need any more candy.
Kid, after long pause: The Skittles telled me they’re lonesome. They want to go home and see their friends, the M&Ms.
Mom: Nice try, but no… Skittles and M&Ms don’t frequent the same social circles, anyway.

Lexington, Kentucky

Overheard by: He-Man Skittle-Haters Club

Crazy Like a Bunny

Older woman, picking up a bag of peppermints: I still have candy corn out from Halloween. Is it okay to have peppermints and candy corn out at the same time?
Younger woman: What do I look like, Miss Manners? You’ve been to my house…you know there’s still Easter candy out in my candy dishes. And until that goes, I’m not putting anything else out.
Older woman: Now I understand why your children are crazy.

Grocery Store
Hamilton, New Jersey

Overheard by: Currrly!

Kid Surprises Are Fun, but Illegal

Woman #1, approaching register counter: Ooh! Kinder eggs! I love those things!
Woman #2: What are they?
Woman #1: They’re chocolate! With something inside!
Cashier: They’re hollow chocolate eggs.
Woman #1: With a surprise inside!
Woman #2: Ew!
Cashier: It’s a toy.
Woman #2: Oh. A toy.
Cashier: Whoa, okay, just imagine you were a kid again, and what a surprise meant when you were a kid.
Woman #2: I know… I know. It’s just, adult surprises are never fun.
Woman #1, walking out of store: What were you thinking it was going to be? A penis that would squirt all over you?
Woman #2: You never know! Adult surprises are always bad!

San Francisco, California