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You’re Too Kind, Madame

Lit­tle girl, in Ara­bic, as she sits in the train: Smells like cot­ton can­dy!
Moth­er, in French: Yeah, you’re right, it smells like cot­ton can­dy. (to grand­moth­er) Don’t you think it smells like cot­ton can­dy?
Young black woman, sit­ting in the next row, smil­ing: It’s me. It’s my per­fume.
Moth­er: Re­al­ly?! What is it?
Young black woman: Vanil­la and cot­ton can­dy.
Moth­er: Re­al­ly? My girl told me it smells like the amuse­ment park. At first I thought it was the clean­ing prod­uct they used to wash the train floor. (pause) It smells re­al­ly good.

C Train

Over­heard by: BBM Tm