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…The Prince Of Dull­ness

Wife to hus­band who has been chat­ting with stranger: Who was that?
Hus­band: Re­mem­ber those Dos Eq­uis com­mer­cials with the most in­ter­est­ing man in the world?
Wife: Yes.
Hus­band: That was his an­tithe­sis.

North­ern Michi­gan

Over­heard by: Kap­tain Equinox

And Watched the Ba­by Play with a Plas­tic Bag

Of­fice build­ing ten­ant: Oh, and I just want­ed to let you know there was a fire in the dump­ster last week. I looked for the se­cu­ri­ty guard in the build­ing, but could­n’t find him. I did­n’t know who else to no­ti­fy, so I just went home.

Over­heard by: how about 911?