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When Did You Start Making Popcorn?

Girl, after looking at friend’s credit card: Wait, I always thought Orville* was your fake name.
Friend: Oh, honey, I have plenty of fake names, but ‘Orville’ is real. My family calls me J.R., though, because I’m the junior.
Girl: Oh! So Orville is your dad’s nickname, too? That’s weird!

Seattle, Washington

Haunting Image: John McCain in Assless Chaps

Intern girl #1: Bet McCain’s into S&M.
Intern girl #2: I can see that.
Intern girl #1: Ever see the veins in McCain’s head? They throb all day. I had a boyfriend like that.
Intern girl #2: Did he want to smack you around?
Intern girl #1: He wanted me to smack him around.
Intern girl #2 Did you?
Intern girl #1: Psh. I am sooo not maternal.

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Yeah, We Quit at Least Once a Day

Girl #1: Lately it feels like I’m on fire when I have sex.
Girl #2: That’s what happened when I had gonorrhea.
Guy at next table: Wow. Those girls were pretty hot before I heard that… I have to stop eavesdropping.