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Is That Nice Doc­tor Help­ing You at All?

Grand­moth­er: This sal­ad is just won­der­ful.
20-ish chick: Yes, but it has raisins in it. I don’t eat raisins.
Grand­moth­er: What? Why?
20-ish chick: I’ve al­ways felt bad for them. They once were so full of life, and then the sun sucked their souls out and left… this.

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Tall, Dark, and Blood­shot

Marathon run­ner #1: Yeah, I re­al­ly like him, but he’s been in re­hab since he was four­teen.
Marathon run­ner #2: All the best ones are.

Nike Wom­en’s Marathon
San Fran­cis­co, Cal­i­for­nia

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And I’m Al­ready Tired of It

Hy­per girl pulling out lots of dif­fer­ent col­ored bracelets: I need to change my mood!
Friend: What’s your mood, Dana?
Hy­per girl: I don’t know! I’m chang­ing it!

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My Man­ag­er Hard­ly Slaps My Ass Any­more

Hot girl with big boobs, to friend: Ugh… I should­n’t have worn this shirt. [Low­ers voice] Every­one’s look­ing…
Mid­dle-aged cashier: You should ap­pre­ci­ate them. I had a hus­band who would pop mine out at foot­ball games. It made me so an­gry, but now I’d love for some­one to ap­pre­ci­ate mine enough that he’d want to show the world my beau­ty.

Gainesville, Flori­da

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Rhap­sody on a Theme of Pa­gani­ni? Re­al­ly?

Chick #1, about tech­no mu­sic blast­ing from shop: What does this song make you think of?
Chick #2: Be­ing stabbed re­peat­ed­ly in the eye with a rusty nail.
Chick #1: [Silence.]Chick #2: What about you?
Chick #1: Dis­cos…

Sawn­ston Street and Flinders Street