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The Episode Of MacGuyver I’d Pay to See

Weird la­dy get­ting her hair cut: The nail just would­n’t stay down on my toe. So be­cause it was all loose, junk kept get­ting in there. The doc­tor ba­si­cal­ly told me that junk would just keep get­ting in there.
Styl­ist: Wow!
(a minute lat­er)
Weird la­dy get­ting her hair cut: If I could have one of those guys do my wed­ding, I’d be all like, “here’s a doily and a pa­per cup, see what you can do.“
Styl­ist: Yeah.
Weird la­dy get­ting her hair cut: I mean if you can’t have a ban­gin wed­ding in Puer­to Ri­co, you might as well see what you can get from a doily and a pa­per cup here.
Styl­ist: Yeah.


Re­quiem for a Dream? Re­al­ly?

Pas­sen­ger to at­ten­dant: Ex­cuse me? They turned the movie off.
At­ten­dant: Yes, we’re land­ing ear­li­er than thought.
Pas­sen­ger: Oh, but the movie was­n’t over.
At­ten­dant: Sor­ry about that, but we need to turn it off for de­scent.
Pas­sen­ger: But I was watch­ing it!
At­ten­dant: I am very sor­ry, but since we have start­ed our de­scent…
Pas­sen­ger, in­ter­rupt­ing: But now I don’t know how it ends!
At­ten­dant: They all lived hap­pi­ly ever af­ter.

Qan­tas Flight to Mel­bourne

Over­heard by: Seat 14 F

We’re Hop­ing for a Mup­pet Ba­by

Mid­dle aged fe­male client: You aren’t go­ing to find out the sex? How are you go­ing to know what col­or to paint the nurs­ery or what kind of ba­by clothes to get?
Preg­nant 30-some­thing hair styl­ist: Oh, please, like it mat­ters what col­ors I choose. Peo­ple aren’t go­ing to be won­der­ing if it’s a girl or a boy, any­way; they’re go­ing to won­der if it’s an an­i­mal or a ba­by.

Over­heard by: jenc17

Ours Has Mange

Chick #1: Were you the one that just put Fun-Fur-All over her liv­ing room ceil­ing?
Chick #2: Not re­cent­ly. Why?

Com­mer­cial Dri­ve

Over­heard by: Van­girl