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The Curse Of IHOP

Man: There’s Tuc­son for you, turn­ing a great burg­er joint in­to a crap­hole.
Child: Yeah, I bet if you touched any­one in this restau­rant, they would be sticky.

Tuc­son Ari­zona

Over­heard by: Casey Sten­dahl

…Learned That the Hard Way.

Girl: Oh my god, I love their deep-fried mac and cheese balls!
Boy: I got some fried mac and cheese balls for you.
Girl: Tom­my, if you tried to dip your balls in a deep fry­er, they would prob­a­bly fall off.
Boy: No they would­n’t.
Wait­er, pass­ing by quick­ly: Yes they would!

Cheese­cake Fac­to­ry
Ket­ter­ing, Ohio

Iron­i­cal­ly, They Were Danc­ing to “Walk Like an Egypt­ian”

Hair­dress­er to client in sa­lon: I re­al­ly like Egypt, you know? I feel like I have a con­nec­tion to Egypt, like I was there in a past life. Like, I was watch­ing this show on the His­to­ry Chan­nel about Egypt? Or some place? And they have three re­li­gions there? The first one was this re­li­gion where every­body kiss­es this wall? Mmm-mm-mm-mm. They were mak­ing out with this wall! They loved that wall. And then the next re­li­gion, god told Abra­ham to kill his son? What kind of crazy re­li­gion is that? And then the third re­li­gion was all these peo­ple stand­ing up, and bend­ing down.
Client: They were prob­a­bly Mus­lims. They were pray­ing to­wards Mec­ca…
Hair­dress­er: Uh huh. And I said to my boyfriend, “that’s good ex­er­cise.” I was go­ing to watch more, but Danc­ing with the Stars was on.

Collingswood, New Jer­sey