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Oh, Good, because That’s What I’m Getting Him

Old lady: You know how it’s Jake’s* birthday in a week or two? And you know how he likes black leather?
20-ish granddaughter, whispering: Grandma! You’re making him sound like a homosexual!
Old lady: Well, it’s not like I’m going to get him assless chaps.

Eagle Ridge Hospital
Coquitlam, Bristish Columbia

Aren’t You Wendy from Season One?

Barista #1: Yeah, Joey does a great Tim Gunn impression. You should ask him to do it for you.
Barista #2: I will. So you really like Project Runway?
Barista #1: Oh my god, yes! Like, I should totally be on that show.
Barista #2: Yeah? Do you do fashion design?
Barista #1: Well, no. But I dress myself really well. And I have really good ideas. But I can’t really sew or anything.

Fairborn, Ohio

Overheard by: Barista #3

He’s Been in and Out of Fashion Prison My Whole Life

20-ish woman: He wears cut-offs that are cut so high that you can see the pockets and his boxers poking out, and he has plumber’s crack.
Teen chick: Oh my god… And your mom actually likes this guy?
20-ish woman: No, no, no — this is my real dad.

Mountain View-bound Light Rail
Campbell, California

Overheard by: Cracker