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…Drugs? It’s Drugs, Right?

Dumb brunette #1: Well, he likes Sarah and Matt…
Dumb brunette #2: They don’t count, everyone likes them!
Dumb brunette #1: Well, my boyfriend doesn’t like any of my friends, then. I don’t really like any of my friends.
Smart, older blonde walking by: Well, dear, there’s a simple solution to that.
Dumb brunette #1: Oh? What is it?

University Library, Kent State
Kent, Ohio

I Hate When They Do It While You’re Driving, and You Can’t See the Road

Frustrated gamer playing The Legend of Zelda: Did you see that? She’s such a slut! Her vagina was just totally up in link’s face. And he’s like, twelve. Why are women like that all the time?

University of Massachusetts

Overheard by: the girl in the corner cramming for finals