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We Had No Idea What They Were, Ei­ther.

Short girl: So, what do you do with the pen cap con­doms?
Much taller girl: Okay, you take them…and you throw them out.
Short girl: You don’t like…reuse them or some­thing?
Much taller girl, smil­ing: Do you reuse nor­mal con­doms?
(short girl laughs)
Much taller girl, se­ri­ous­ly: Don’t just wash those and reuse them.

On­te­o­ra HS
Boiceville, New York

Over­heard by: Toast­ed

Ev­i­dence That Sex and the City Would’ve Been a *Lot* More In­ter­est­ing If It Had In­volved Plus-Sized Sis­tahs

Plus-size sis­tah: And that damn con­dom came off!
Friend: Oh, shit, girl! What hap­pened?
Plus-size sis­tah: I dun­no. It’s still up in there.
Friend: What? How long?
Plus-size sis­tah: It’s been three days. I can’t reach that bitch!
Friend: Girl! That’s nasty! And if you askin’ what I think you askin’, you can for­get it!

Restau­rant, Chi­na­town
Wash­ing­ton, DC

Over­heard by: Joe

Es­pe­cial­ly If, In­stead of the G‑Spot, There Was a Lit­tle Plas­tic Prize

Guy: But I hate wear­ing con­doms! I can’t feel any­thing. I might as well put my dick in a ce­re­al box.
Girl: I think my vagi­na is a bit dif­fer­ent from a ce­re­al box.
Dude, ex­cit­ed­ly: If your vagi­na had ce­re­al in it, I’d eat you out all the time!

David­son, North Car­oli­na