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I Recommend Not Moving between Them

Conductor over PA after train starts and stops a few times: There are six different kinds of metro cars, all manufactured in different places and different times. This particular train is comprised of three of those kinds. The transit authority says they all work fine together. I’ll let you decide that for yourselves…

Blue Line
Washington, DC

Not As Fun As Quiet Contemplation Of Our Lord’s Bounty, But Close

Middle-aged African American bus driver: So what if she is? I wear heels and I’m 5′8″. I wear them to church.
Prim-looking Caucasian female passenger: Oh, but at least at church you’re sitting down.
Middle-aged African American bus driver: Oh no, honey. I’m up singing and dancing. I go to a black church. We get our praise on.
Prim-looking Caucasian female passenger (after uncomfortable pause): That sounds fun.

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