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I Rec­om­mend Not Mov­ing be­tween Them

Con­duc­tor over PA af­ter train starts and stops a few times: There are six dif­fer­ent kinds of metro cars, all man­u­fac­tured in dif­fer­ent places and dif­fer­ent times. This par­tic­u­lar train is com­prised of three of those kinds. The tran­sit au­thor­i­ty says they all work fine to­geth­er. I’ll let you de­cide that for your­selves…

Blue Line
Wash­ing­ton, DC

Not As Fun As Qui­et Con­tem­pla­tion Of Our Lord’s Boun­ty, But Close

Mid­dle-aged African Amer­i­can bus dri­ver: So what if she is? I wear heels and I’m 5′8″. I wear them to church.
Prim-look­ing Cau­casian fe­male pas­sen­ger: Oh, but at least at church you’re sit­ting down.
Mid­dle-aged African Amer­i­can bus dri­ver: Oh no, hon­ey. I’m up singing and danc­ing. I go to a black church. We get our praise on.
Prim-look­ing Cau­casian fe­male pas­sen­ger (af­ter un­com­fort­able pause): That sounds fun.

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…And If You Have Any Train-Dri­ving Ex­pe­ri­ence, Please Re­port to the Front Car.

Con­duc­tor: Wel­come on board the 4:15 ser­vice to Wolver­hamp­ton, call­ing at Smeth­wick, Sandwell and… Oh god, my head… (mic cuts out for a while) Sandwell… and Dud­ley, and Wolver­hamp­ton… (breathes heav­i­ly, deep sigh, mic cuts out again)

Birm­ing­ham to Wolver­hamp­ton Train

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