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If You’d Like to Know How Sound Car­ries, Con­sult the School Nurse

Bi­ol­o­gy teacher: [bad­ly draws a woman singing in­to a mi­cro­phone, which looks sus­pi­cious­ly like a woman about to give head] If you take this, for ex­am­ple…
[class laughs]Biology teacher: [steps away from board and sees what class is laugh­ing about] Uh…[erases draw­ing]… We’re just not go­ing to draw to­day.


Af­ter I Spent All That Time Pho­to­shop­ping That Dick In­to a Paci­fi­er

Fresh­man girl: Well, like, this was from like 2 am the day it was due. I mean, the first one I sub­mit­ted was of me with a paci­fi­er in my mouth, and they told me it was in­ap­pro­pri­ate at the last minute. I mean, like, why could­n’t they have told me that in Jan­u­ary when I sub­mit­ted it?


Over­heard by: You re­al­ly need­ed to be told?

Ha-Ha, Made You Pan­ic!

Pro­fes­sor: Now, in life there are rules. The school has rules, this class has rules… But some rules are meant to be bro­ken. One of this school’s rules is that teach­ers are not sup­posed to show their un­der­gar­ments to their stu­dents…

Hart­ford, Con­necti­cut

Over­heard by: Claire