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What Ap­ple?

Girl­friend: You’re still ty­ing your shoes with bun­ny ears?
Boyfriend: The oth­er way is re­al­ly hard!
Girl­friend: It’s so easy!
Boyfriend: Look, I have to do the bun­ny ears. I can’t tie my shoes the oth­er way. It’s like, the bun­ny goes around the tree 50 bil­lion times, then hides in its hole, comes out and the mon­goose chas­es it… Then the rab­bit eats the ap­ple!

High school
Ham­burg, New York

I’m Still Not Telling

Chick point­ing at port-a-pot­ty: Well, I guess I’m go­ing to the bath­room now.
Dude: Do you fold or crum­ple?
Chick: This con­ver­sa­tion has gone too far for me.
Dude: I fold. Well, de­pends on my mood.

Union Park
Chica­go, Illi­nois

…The Prince Of Dull­ness

Wife to hus­band who has been chat­ting with stranger: Who was that?
Hus­band: Re­mem­ber those Dos Eq­uis com­mer­cials with the most in­ter­est­ing man in the world?
Wife: Yes.
Hus­band: That was his an­tithe­sis.

North­ern Michi­gan

Over­heard by: Kap­tain Equinox