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Two Great Tastes That Taste Hor­ri­bleTo­geth­er

Sev­en­teen-year-old girl to boyfriend: You can’t do any­thing right! I send you in there to buy me some porn and you come out with her­maph­ro­dites? It’s called Re­al Chicks with Re­al Dicks, for fuck­’s sake.
Boyfriend (in thick ac­cent): I’m sor­ry… My english…it is not too good. I saw chicks, I saw dicks…I just grabbed it.

Man­ches­ter, New Hamp­shire

Over­heard by: tay­lor

Imag­ine That.

Smokin’ hot Fil­ip­ina girl­friend: My friend said that I should use Pho­to­shop and imag­i­na­tion to do this. I have Pho­to­shop, but where can I get imag­i­na­tion? I’ve nev­er heard of it.
White boyfriend: You’re kid­ding me, right?
Smokin’ hot Fil­ip­ina girl­friend: What?
White boyfriend: There is no soft­ware called “imag­i­na­tion.” Just use your imag­i­na­tion. Duh!
Smokin’ hot Fil­ip­ina girl­friend: You’re so not get­ting a blowjob tonight.


Over­heard by: The white boyfriend

I Think We Should See Oth­er Peo­ple

Boyfriend: Do you still have my keys?
Girl­friend: Yeah, I stopped by your house to bring them back, but I could­n’t get in.
Boyfriend: What do you mean you could­n’t get in?
Girl­friend: Well, you weren’t home, and no one else an­swered the door.
Boyfriend: … You had my keys!

Over­heard by: kgm

And Whose Wingtips Were Those Next to the Door?

Girl­friend: I’m telling you, you def­i­nite­ly came in­side my pussy last night.
Boyfriend: But I was fuck­ing your ass!
Girl­friend: No, sweet­ie, that was my pussy.
Boyfriend: Then how come my dick had shit all over it this morn­ing?

Train sta­tion
Pa­ter­son, New Jer­sey