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Guess Which One’s the “Naughty Li­brar­i­an”

Li­brary work­er #1: Do I have to lick it?
Li­brary work­er #2: … What?
Li­brary work­er #1: The en­ve­lope. Do I have to lick it?
Li­brary work­er #2: You could tape it, I guess…
Li­brary work­er #1: Great, be­cause af­ter last night, I am to­tal­ly out of sali­va.

Main Li­brary, Kent State Uni­ver­si­ty
Kent, Ohio

He Got Her So Dirty!

Ebul­lient cowork­er on phone: The last thing I saw of Jane* was a nude pic­ture of her tak­ing a bath. It’s her dad’s fault.

Over­heard by: sx­oid­mal

Must Be Blow­fish

NASA in­tern guy #1: I think your fish are gay… Like, 99 per­cent sure. Look, they’ve got ver­ti­cal bars.
NASA in­tern guy #2: They so want each oth­er.
NASA in­tern guy #1: They do. And it’s not un­re­quit­ed. Look, they both have ver­ti­cal bars!

NASA Ames Re­search Cen­ter
Sil­i­con Val­ley, Cal­i­for­nia