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My Dad Wants to See Me ASAP

30-something druggie girl: I know my dad’s looking down at me, helping me and shit. That’s how I got my handbag back.
30-something druggie guy: Yeah? For fuckin serious?
30-something druggie girl: Yeah! I feel like he’s telling me shit sometimes. Sometimes I reckon he wants me to stop taking the pills and the smack, but then I’m like, “Nah, that’s just the drugs talking.”


Overheard by: XPIOTOS

Haven’t We Established That It’s 42?

Dopey girl: I once figured out the secret of life.
Friend: Really? What?
Dopey girl: You see, that’s the problem.
Friend: What do you mean?
Dopey girl: I forgot it.
Friend: Well, that sucks.
Dopey girl: Yeah. I would’ve made a lot of money off of that too.
Friend: Well, if it comes back to you…
Dopey girl: Oh – don’t worry. You’ll be the first to know.

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