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And Why’s Her Brother Waving Happily from the Pool?

Drunk girl: Hey. Hey! Everyone be quiet for a second — I want to make a toast. I just want to remind everyone why we’re here, and that’s because my brother finally shit successfully.
Drunk guy: What the fuck did she just say?

House party
Holbrook, New York

Overheard by: pc

My Secret? I Like Forcible Sex

Drunk teen: Anyone could be a rapist… I could be a rapist, that lady with the bag could be a rapist… [Lady with bag looks over, appalled.] Oh, well, I’m sure you are really very nice!

King’s Cross Night Bus

Overheard by: Andrea

But She Didn’t Use Their Blood As Paint This Time!

Sober girl: Look, all I’m saying is, I wouldn’t fucking mess with her. She’s clinically insane.
Drunk girl: But you know, I think she’s really smart. There are those people, you know, that are so smart they’re like actually crazy… Real mental, and we just think they’re weird, but they’re not! They have like, an IQ of 200!
Sober girl: You do realize that she drew pictures of her friends decapitated, right?

New Zealand

Overheard by: Were they talking about the same person?