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I’d Wish for World Peace, but I’m Bor­ing

Col­lege girl #1: You know that Make-a-Wish Foun­da­tion? I won­der what I would wish for if I was giv­en the chance.
Col­lege girl #2: My wish would be for some­one to make a cake in the shape of my body… with my face on it… And that the Spice Girls would come and help me eat it.
Col­lege girl #1: Oooh, that’s a good wish.


And She Makes an Ex­cel­lent Pa­per­weight

20-some­thing blonde: It’s just…she can’t talk, all she does is scream and cry. She’s not even a re­al per­son yet. I just don’t un­der­stand how you can love her so much!
Red­head, lov­ing­ly cradling ba­by: Shit, hon, you have to stop say­ing things like that. She’s your daugh­ter!

Café Nero

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