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Then We’ll Rebuild the Engine in My Chevy

Girl #1, excitedly: Okay, this is where I leave you. I know you’re going to forget all about this conversation when I go, but…
Girl #2, interrupting: No, no, I won’t – I’m going home right now to google “demons” and “possession.“
Girl #1, walking away: Right, good. We’re going to make this happen!
Girl #2, heading in opposite direction: Even if everyone else thinks we’re crazy!
Girl #1, vehemently, from across the street: It’s all down to us, now! We’ll exorcise that demon if it’s the last thing we do!

Bethesda, Maryland

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You’re Gonna Love Detroit, Sir

Social worker talking to hobo: What can I get for you, sir?
Hobo: How about a 9 mm semi-automatic gun?
Social worker: Well, I can’t do that, but do you need bus tickets? Where are you going?
Hobo: Hell.
Social worker: Okay, I’ll get those bus tickets then.
Hobo: Your hair’s much nicer than mine.


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