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See Those Guys Outside Erecting a Monument to My Not-Caring?

30-something woman: Should we get this one?
Mom: It comes with two 8x10s.
30-something woman, to brother across room: Do you want an 8x10?
Brother: Don’t care.
30-something woman: Maybe we should get this one with the 5x7s. (to brother) Do you want a 5x7?
Brother: It’s incredible how much I don’t care.

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Germantown, Maryland

Overheard by: Daniel

I’m Not Even Gonna Ask About Your Leash Collection

Grandmother: So my friend gave me dog biscuits for my birthday.
Teen girl: But you don’t have a dog.
Grandmother: She knew I would appreciate them, dear.
Teen girl: And it isn’t your birthday.
Grandmother: That doesn’t matter. I was going to save them for the Boxer that young man brings around the home, but I got hungry around noon.
Teen girl: Oh no. You didn’t.
Grandmother: What? It’s not as if I ate them plain. I boiled a cup of coffee and dipped them.

Frammingham, Massachusetts