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Let Us Nev­er Speak Of This Again.

Col­lege guy, watch­ing lit­tle girl in husky cheer­leader out­fit: What’s with all these cheer­lead­ers every­where? I like it!
Fe­male friend: Dude, that sound­ed kind of wrong, she’s like six.
Col­lege guy: Yeah… I just re­al­ized that.

UW Husky Tail­gate
Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

Over­heard by: Face

So That’s What the Pro­peller Beanie Is About

Row­dy child in shop­ping cart: Mom! What’s that?
Tired mom: Spam.
Row­dy child: Mom! Can we get it? Can we get it, mom? Mom? Can we? Mom!
Tired mom: No.
(row­dy child starts freak­ing out)
Tired mom: Okay! Fine, but will you eat it?
Row­dy child: Nope…I just like at­ten­tion.

Toron­to, On­tario

Over­heard by: aleX­is