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My Man­ag­er Hard­ly Slaps My Ass Any­more

Hot girl with big boobs, to friend: Ugh… I should­n’t have worn this shirt. [Low­ers voice] Every­one’s look­ing…
Mid­dle-aged cashier: You should ap­pre­ci­ate them. I had a hus­band who would pop mine out at foot­ball games. It made me so an­gry, but now I’d love for some­one to ap­pre­ci­ate mine enough that he’d want to show the world my beau­ty.

Gainesville, Flori­da

Over­heard by: guy be­hind them

When She Lies on Her Back, She Makes a Great Snack Tray

Tween girl #1: I have to tell you some­thing — I don’t think Rachel is that hot.
Tween girl #2: Oh my god, I’m so glad you said that, ’cause I’m afraid to talk to peo­ple about her be­cause every­one thinks she is so pret­ty.
Tween girl #1: They were do­ing this rat­ing thing where they rate peo­ple on a scale, and Ryan gave her a sev­en.
Tween girl #2: She is to­tal­ly not a sev­en — her boobs are in­vert­ed.

Pre­mier Oaks Movie The­ater
Mel­bourne, Flori­da

Over­heard by: *shakes head*