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On To­day’s Episode Of Skanky and the Brain

Girl #1: Yeah, Dave*‘s cute. Not su­per-at­trac­tive, but I’d sleep with him.
Girl #2: I would­n’t.
Girl #1: Why not?
Girl #2: I made a pact with my­self that I would nev­er date him.
Girl #1: Yeah, but did you say you would­n’t sleep with him?
Girl #2: No, I guess not.
Girl #1: So there’s, like, a loop­hole. You can sleep with him, just don’t date him.
Girl #2: Yeah, I guess so. Cool.
Girl #1: God, I’m so smart.

Va­len­cia Com­mu­ni­ty Col­lege
Or­lan­do, Flori­da

And be­fore Sub­ti­tles

Blonde #1: Did you see Marie An­toinette?
Blonde #2: Yeah.
Blonde #1: I don’t get why they’re all speak­ing Eng­lish if they’re in France.
Blonde #2: I think that was be­fore they in­vent­ed French.

Or­lan­do, Flori­da